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Sauna Spend your weekend or any other day with your family or friends in a safe, secure and clean environment where all utilities are available.
Elegant Tuscan Style Molding:

Health Mate is proud to introduce a brand new Tuscan Style molding for each of its models The Tuscan molding frames each sauna with a touch of elegance.

Full Length Glass Window:

A new longer window at the entrance, rendered in temper-resistant glass and covering the length of the door, offers added visilibility and appeal. Together, these innovations provide a sleeker, more aesthetically superior sauna design.

Innovative M-Type Heater

The Health Mate M-Type heater harnesses state-of-the-art far infrared technology to safely warm the human body more efficiently and effectively from the inside. Anew larger reflecting panel placed behind the M-Type heater reflects even more relaxing far infrared heat evenly throughout the entire sauna interior for maximum results.

Relaxing Interior Bench

A new interior bench with elegant embossed molding provides added comfort and relaxation while enjoying each session.

Soothing Vanity Light 

A new interior vanity light with deluxe wooden lamp cover allows for a shaded, tranquil experience.

Advanced Digital Control Panel

A state-f-the-art digital control panel is aaccessible from both inside and outside. It features a convenient "reservation" funcation, setting the saunato preheat at the desired time of day. 

Dimensions : W60 10/16"  H73 4/16" D 45 4/16" 

Specs: 120v 2010w/16.8amp

Comfortably seats 3, also great for reclining during a solo session.